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okay so here’s the demo video of Alisa P basically reduced appeals using the same technology that many big big bands are using such as YouTube business slider and many more that technology is in extreme video ads I’m sure you have seen this technology many times before remember when you are on YouTube and watching any video suddenly a video ad appears like this that’s what video anystream ads are it’s a very powerful technology that most big brands are using and that’s what weight is Kippy gonna allow you to utilize it within few seconds if you are using viral videos or someone else videos on your websites or blogs then that videos could be you can monetize them very easily like never before okay so let me dive you into video Skippy dashboard and show you how easy and powerful this tool is okay so here we are inside the dashboard of video Skippy as you can see it’s very user-friendly dashboard here and everything is so clear in here so that users don’t have any issues regarding using the application so let me just quickly show you how easy it is to set up a new campaign here in beta Skippy so here you can see we have so many features here in the new campaigns page so that the user can utilize all these features as per their requirements so let me just quickly show you how easy it is to set up a new campaign so I’m going to give this campaign a name let’s say demo video wait Skippy okay now I can select what platform I want to use either YouTube Vimeo or mp4 so let’s say if I ever I already have a youtube video that I want to use so all I need to do is just copy the within that particular video ID of the video let’s say it is and I just need to simply place the video ID here and it’s going to automatically fetch the video from YouTube or else we have option here to search videos inside our application such as let’s say I want to search this slider so when I’m going to search it’s going to grab all the results so on YouTube and that I can see here and before using any video if I want to watch that particular video I can watch the video here how the video is and in one click I can use that particular video here so now you can see the video is already selected here now this video thumbnail is not looking as much as good as we want so we have given the feature there that you can search images from our library that’s have over 100,000 stock images there and of different categories whether you can use is from our default library here or else if if you want you can search these search any images from here just like let’s search like business and when I’m going to search it is these all the images related with business so let me select one and here you can see at the back it’s applied plus we have use an integration as well so that if you are using user so you can just put your API key in there and all your images from using will be automatically fetched from there so let me just save this image now we have so many different play icons in this so that we can use I want to use this one you can use any of the one this one is looking good here so now layer dimensions if you want to define any specific layer dimensions so you can use this feature of the position as well so here is the main feature that that all the video add spout so now here’s the same thing that if I want to use a YouTube video on the add-on that layout or a Vimeo video or mp4 and so it’s up to up up to me what I want to use so let’s at this time let’s use a video video so here I’m going to search business let’s see News and I’m going to search from Vimeo it’s going to grab all the results from Vimeo and here you can see these are all videos that are coming from Vimeo and here I’m going to click the watch and so now I can watch that particular Vimeo video as well before I can actually use it so here you can see that this is the video so let’s say I want to use this video I’ll select the video and the delay let’s say I want that delay to defined as 10 seconds let’s say five seconds after five seconds I want that video ad to be displayed so I’m going to put it five here and now the skip button I want that to be appear after let’s see against five seconds and the Buy Now button let’s say I want to put a buy now button as well on my video so on the video ad particularly so I can select any of the Buy Now buttons that we already have in the library or else if you are using jvzoo clickbank or any other platform you can use the Buy Now button from you can upload your own custom Buy Now button as well so let me just you quickly use the one get instant access from here let me see define the URL when user click on that button and the delay of that particular button to be appeared let’s say I get five seconds now if I want to display these mobile video ads on mobile as well so I can enable it and so let me just directly quickly publish this campaign so here you can see the campaign is now added successfully so here’s where you can see there’s a lot of options here so before if I before I want to use this campaign on my website let me just quickly preview the campaign here so I can see how is it looking or if I want to edit anything I can do it right here so look at this this is the video that is started and after five seconds look at this this is the advertisement with me a video that we have chosen there and the video is here and after five seconds span here are the step button and the the Buy Now button that we have selected that we want so what I’m going to click on this it’s going to redirect me to Google and it’s a you can see it’s perfectly working fine here so let me just quickly close it down and so now if I want to use this inside YouTube so inside my blog so what I’m going to do is I’m going to click this generate HTML and and I just need to simply copy this code and what I’m going to do is go to my website or my blog let’s say demo which is just B and I’m going to simply paste this code and click the publish button and that particular video will be published on that page let me just quickly view this and you can see that particular video is appearing here inside the blog and it’s going to show the same skip and the video add longer the skip button and Buy Now button so it means our system is working as it should be it’s a very cool application that we we have designed for you guys and you it’s going to help you guys to monetize your videos like never before plus we have the stats option here so you guys can see how many total video views’ you are getting the vide how many people are actually watching your video ads plus how many people are clicking the Buy Now button that you are giving there on the video ad or how many people are going to skip the app so we have this comprehensive tracking already involved and you can see that we have the demo videos everywhere inside the applications to make sure that you guys can easily saw the demo if you guys are having any problems using the application so if you guys have any other questions regarding with the application just feel free to hit us on the support and we will be happy to help thank you

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