VidSkippy 2.0 walkthrough demo

in this video I’m just going to quickly run through a case study that I set up recently kind of to show you how this this works so number one you need to name the campaign number two you need to pick the video that you can of Jack now for it got one here and it’s a Vimeo video and all I’ve done is I’ve taken the VSL from this product but let me just show you if I just lift this screen up here and then you can see which part we need so you can see this is a YouTube video and all we need is that part there same with Vimeo you just need the numbers so let’s pull this back down back there so you can see that we have the numbers in there you can also search so if you had a video in mind and you didn’t know what it was called if you could just drop in relevant details there say in this case smackdown profits vesl or smackdown profits review something like that and then you could choose from a number of our videos which will drop down here anyway thumbnail you can select um you can select from library stock images using gifts gives us a new feature you can also take a webcam image as you upload any image then you’ll be able to scale and crop the image to fit the correct size upload you can also upload from your computer your machine whatever and it will give you the size down here so you can see that it’s 1280 by 720 okay so I’ve already got one there and let me just show you the buttons so here again these are new features so you can see here this is a liquid button this is brand new you can also could also have or choose one of these I did that for example you can see so we leave that there I’ll show you a couple others so there’s red tape so you could choose to have that on there look so or you could choose from animate it like that so the play icon you can set it to be large medium or small that’s entirely up to you now thumbnail play button this actually stumps a play button on your thumbnail so if you were to share this on social media what will happen is the thumbnail will show and a play button will appear on that thumbnail even though it’s not actually on your image so as soon as it’s added to social media a play button will appear on that thumbnail and it will look like a video so although the Skippy 2 doesn’t actually play inside a Facebook what it does is it looks like a video so anybody viewing that will click and then what will happen is this could be to will take over the whole page and your dynamic video will start to play player dimensions again that’s pretty obvious now here I’m just setting up or it just sets up a simple video ad I’m not done I’ve already explained I’ve used the VSL so I’ve dropped the VSL female details in there sorry no it’s ads a video ad all you would do is click here now when I click here you’ll see that the complete suite opens which is entirely different to fit Skippy one so I’m going to click here so you can see a whole editing suite opens up to the left now if something I’ll mention here is the fact that you can use more than one video ad in each video so let’s say for example you a lot of them demonstration or trending video or something like that you can put multiple videos in there as many as you want it really depends on the length of the initial video obviously but anyway so that’s again again that’s another new feature so here with video ads that you can use YouTube you can use Vimeo we can use mp4 in this case I’ve used one that recorded myself and that’s an mp4 I can set the delay here so I can have it set to play before the initial video starts or in stream which is after the video starts at a point that you determine then I’ve determined here 15 and then advertisement banner there are lots and lots of elements I’m going to keep this video simple so you could add a banner if you wanted to you can have the skip button here I’ve set that to be delayed by 5 seconds and a call to action now again there’s lots of other bits and pieces that you can add in here I’m not going to go over those now I’m just going to keep this simple but what happens is your call to action so you need to set that up so when I click this you’ll see another suite opens and these or this is where you set your call to action so you can see outside of my heart my bonus page there again button types you can choose one of the the basic buttons or you can choose a custom button that these are flat buttons that you can click and you can see I’ve got one here then you can have that any size you like so I’m gonna keep that as large and I’m going to click on styling I’m gonna add that into let’s say middle center like so okay and I can set the delay there as well so I’m going to click there now it takes me back to this screen and I just click Save like so then if I just scroll to the bottom and update this let’s see where is it okay so there it is there so well what can we do with this what we can we can generate HTML so we can have it sue any WordPress or CMS anything that you own site Jack I’ll show you this in just a moment but you can basically display this video on an authority site in your target market your niche whatever it is copy URL this is just the link so you can put this link in your emails if you wanted to so if you have a list you can send your email out with this URL inside and I’ll show you that in just a second okay let me just show you that no so you see your Ella’s copied and then if I go up here paste it in and you can see it’s ready to go so by using this link linking in your emails instead of right seeing you know huge emails you can just send out one of these food skipping videos anybody can click it it’ll open up the whole page like so and then obviously it will start playing so let’s go back to Fitz give me a minute okay so share I can share this on Facebook I can share it on Twitter I can share on Google+ and I can share it on Pinterest know Twitter is a little bit different it doesn’t display quite a shame but for a Facebook for Google+ and for Pinterest it opens as thumbnail with the stumped play icon on so anybody that clicks it it’s going to open up the whole page and it’s going to be dynamic so let me just show you that so I can do on Facebook and let me just drag this down here so you can see this goes out of screen okay so you can see there so I’m just going to reduce this a little bit I’m using the smaller screen here okay so I can write anything up there so I’m just going to write test Inc like so and I can share this upon my timeline I can share it in groups and events for this timeline I or pages that you manage and as a private message but I’m going to keep this simple so I’m just going to say I’m just going to share this on the page that’s sure on this page here I’ll then post a facebook like so okay so there you can see the the post I shall straight over to Facebook you can see that you stamped icon the one I chose is also on the image so if I just click there you can see it takes over the whole page and then if I click there see the video starts to play and I’ll let this run for just a second so the video ad kicks it and you can see that my video Abbas is now in place kind of takes over the video and you can see the clippable bun is there nice click and you can see that it’s taking it over to my bonus page so you can see everything is dynamic and you can drop that into any social media anything you like and it works just like I’ve shown you there now let me show you how this works by placing it on somebody else’s site so you can kind of leverage their authority so number one we click such act like so you can see that this screen opens up here so what I’m going to do here is I’m going to Jack let’s say Warrior Plus so all I have to do here is go into warrior plus copy the URL paste sign there call this warrior demo now there are a couple of variations here in terms of pop up type so you can have it on exit you can have it on delay or you can cut it on the site now when you when you select delay you can you can adjust when your video will actually pop up for demo sake I’m just going to prove it on site late so soon as the Cyclades then so what your video our position I normally like to use bottom-left but you can see that there are a number of choices so for this example just choose bottom left now you can select a border to go around the video we’re going to do here is go over to y+ and I’m going to select that other like so just drop that in there excite size of the the player dimensions so that’s the actual size of the video that will display on the site in this case were I plus let’s say I’ll put four to six by 240 I think okay and if I click Save and then if I click here you can see that one plus is opened and so has my video so essentially what you’re doing here is you’re leveraging the authority half water plus now you can use vs 2.0 in any niche whatsoever so you’ll probably see another demo video on this this page that is it’s based around kitchens I just did it just to show that vid Skippy 2 isn’t all about internet marketing or making money from affiliate products like this I mean if you have an offline business say you know in the in the UM the example of of kitchens for a few that for example I mean if you have a kitchen store if you were a kitchen remodeler then you could set up or one of these one of these beers to videos like I’ve demonstrated on this page and you can drop it on to highly trusted highly influential kitchen site or something kitchen design site just drop it on there and people you know I’m gonna click it because you’re leveraging their authority but anyway let me just show you that this works so you can see it on warrior plus if I click there you can see that it opens down here and I’ll let it play again so that you can see that it doesn’t actually work [Music] okay so you can see that it works in exactly the same way as I’ve shown you before so I’m just going to click there and you can see it takes me straight back over to my bonus page again which is the link that I have set up now in the campaign – you can you can obviously you can generate the HTML code you can cite Jack you can copy the URL and you can share it has already shown you you can also collect your stats so each campaign tracks your stats you can edit anything so it’s dynamic so if for example you wanted to edit any part of this campaign here then you’re just log in or just click the campaign and edit any aspect that you like and then once you’ve done that you just click update let’s just go back there you can also obviously remove any campaign that you wants it and one more on this page let me just show this little guy here if you do get stuck and you feel that you need support and you’re wandering off more this little guys doing that here in the right-hand corner he’s our support guy just click here and the support and requests tab will open so hopefully that’s um that’s been useful so you can see some of the things you can do there are an awful lot more elements to vid Skippy – but I just wanted to keep it simple because I know a lot of people will just be looking to get started within the next two or three minutes so really is simple as I hijack other people’s videos hijack other people’s sites and you’re good to go

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